Best Wine Club Gifts | Subscription Memberships

Red wine club gift.

During the holidays, wine club subscriptions tend to see a spike in sales. The reason for this is that many people choose to give their wine-drinking friends subscriptions! These gifts are great because they last the whole year, and they give your friends a chance to try wines they wouldn’t otherwise get their hands on. … Read more

Best Chardonnay Wine of the Month Clubs | 2024

Man drinking Chardonnay

Chardonnays are the 5th most popular grape in the world. However, while Chardonnays are all made from the same type of grape, they can have some pretty unique flavor profiles. If you’re one of the many fans of this flavor variety, a Chardonnay wine club is a great way to explore these types of wines. … Read more

Best International Wine Clubs | Europe & Around The World

People testing the quality of red wine.

While there are plenty of great domestic wines to try, some of the best blends on the market come from foreign countries like Italy, France, and Argentina. One of the best ways to try wines from around the world without spending a fortune is through an international wine club. With these clubs, you’ll get to … Read more

Best High End Wine Clubs | Premium, Exclusive Subscriptions

Wine aging in barrels in a wine cellar.

While medium-grade wine is fine for easy-drinking, if you’re a true wine connoisseur, higher-end wines can be a better choice. A great way to discover high-end, premium wines is with a wine club subscription. These clubs connect you with wines that the average consumer doesn’t have access to, allowing you to taste nuanced flavors you … Read more

5 Best California Wine Clubs | CA Subscriptions Reviewed

A vineyard in California.

California is the America’s leading wine-producing state, with over 3,600 wineries currently in operation. As you can probably imagine, this means that there are some pretty spectacular wines to be had in California. If you live in this state and want to experience the best of Californian wine, a great way to do so is … Read more

5 Best Red Wine Clubs | Monthly Memberships | 2024

Person pouring red wine.

Although many people enjoy drinking white wine or rosé, 69% of wine drinkers prefer a red to one of the lighter bottles of wine. If you like red wine, one of the easiest ways to try different reds and refine your palette is by subscribing to a red wine club. In this guide, we’ll take … Read more